S3 2018 Regional Tournament Information:

SUNDAY October 14th

EXPRESS Registration for Regional

Now Closed You can still get in to Regional

Just Show up at 12:30pm

This Option will be open until midnight Friday 12th  2018


Clean Snowman AloneRings


S3 2018 Regional Tournament
Sunday October 14th

Registration at 12:30pm Game Start 2:30pm

Come Early and take part in the All in or Fold Benefit Tournament.

JACKS for Cocktails

Qualifications for this event:

–          Must be a Member in good standing with the League

–          Top 16 in the last  Regional Tournament

–          Top 400 points ranking for the Quarter

–          Partner Venue Nominee (1 per venue, per month)

–          Wild card seating available with 600 point minimum requirement S2 2018 Invite List:

Players Eligible