S3 2018 Regional Tournament Information:

SUNDAY October 14th

EXPRESS Registration for Regional

This Option will be open until midnight Friday  2018

Express Registration is now closed

But you can still sign up to play on Sunday

at 12:30pm at


Clean Snowman AloneRings


S3 2018 Regional Tournament
Sunday October 14th

Registration at 12:30pm Game Start 2:30pm

Come Early and take part in the All in or Fold Benefit Tournament.

JACKS for Cocktails

Qualifications for this event:

–          Must be a Member in good standing with the League

–          Top 16 in the last  Regional Tournament

–          Top 400 points ranking for the Quarter

–          Partner Venue Nominee (1 per venue, per month)

–          Wild card seating available with 600 point minimum requirement S2 2018 Invite List:

Players Eligible