BB Wolf's January Loyalty

BB Wolf's Loyalty Tournament will be Tuesdday February 6th
To Qualify must Play at BB Wolf's during Qualifying Period.

Win Seat to Snowman LoneStar Poker Series at Harrahs Gulf Coast and $100 for Hotel Room

Snowman Poker League and/or BB Wolf's reserves the right to alter, modify, or cancel Tournaments at its sole discretion and without prior Notice.
Address: 12220 Murphy Rd, Stafford, TX 77477


Every Tuesday at 7:30 pm

Every Thursday  at 7 :30 

Qualify January 2024

To Qualify must Play at BB Wolf's during Qualifying Period.
The More points a player is award
the Larger their Starting Stack will be at BB Wolf's Final Tournament February 6th

Players will be awarded 1 point for every Game they Play.

                Additional 1 point Award for every $20 Spent on the night of Play.             

Making a Possible of at least 2 Points on  Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

Points Structure , Starting Stack and Addiional Chips at Final Tournament

Points Structure and Starting Stack for Final Tournament

                18 + Points Starting Stack 25,000 in Chips

                13 to 17 Points Starting Stack 20,000 in Chips

                9 to 16 Points Starting Stack 15,000 in Chips

                4 to 8 Points Starting Stack 10,000 in Chips

                1 to 3 Points Starting Stack 5,000 in Chips

Additional Chips award for Premium and Platium Members.

At the Final Tournament become a Snowman VIP member for the day and get an extra 10,000 chips for just $10 and at the break get a whopping 30,000 chips for just $10. VIP Money Collected will be used for additional Prizes. Note must be a VIP Member for the day to be award additional Prize Money.


1st Place is a seat to Snowman Lone Star Poker Series at Harahh's Gulf Coast and $100 Toward a Hotel Room
Other Prizes to be Determined

Invite List

Ali Nas 6389362Platium
Amar Balani 671207-11Free
Andrew Hill 3011223Platium
Bonita Garcia 6707399Platium
Charlie Hedgepeth 6331396Platium
Charlie Osborne 6706882Platium
Charlie Yelli 6386501Platium
Chris Reid 4010112Free
Chris Walding 3011131Platium
Clarence Everage 3023032Free
Clay Boyer 6712772Platium
Corby Leschber 104785-11Free
Damion Williams 6370771Free
Daniel Flores 3074862Free
Daniel Hytche 6707173Platium
David Jenkins 611007-11Free
Eddie Borrego 1009295Platium
Elisa Rivera Jr 1064251Free
Gerry Lamar 6711101Platium
Henry Kretzschmar 6708416Platium
Jack Alfaro 3079371Free
Jayson Hebert 5604291Platium
Jennifer Flores 5095102Premium
Johnny Slovak 1028751Free
Josh Pillitere 6526424Premium
Kathy Hull 3076648Platium
Kevin Thomas 6077291Platium
Linda McConnell 3022092Platium
Michael Ayers 6383092Platium
Michelle Brinks 4010341Platium
Myrei Edwards 3068171Free
Orlando Mauricio 3074872Premium
Richard Paguinto 6712602Free
Roland Lohbeck 1000061Free
Saul Chapa 1019217Platium
Sven Asmussen 5564911Free
Tom Henrickson 3006151Platium
Tony Jones 5905694Platium
Ty Smith 6074101Platium