Fall Octoberfest POKER SERIES

Top 5 Finishers at Each Qualifier Tournaments advance to Main Event

  • Minimum of Top 5 Qualifiers from each Qualifer Venue.
  • Will Advance to Main Event.
  • Minimum Start Stack is 200,000 in Chips

Players Can Qualify more than once.

  • Each Time a Player Qualifies they will get a nother 200,000 in Chips
  • This Means you can Qualify in more than one Event and have a bigger Starting Stack

Series Qualifier Dates

VenueDate TimeJP
BB WolfsTuesday, November 14, 2023Completed275
Scotty's Pub on the BayThursday, November 16, 2023Completed145
Jacks for CocktailsFriday, November 17, 2023Completed215
Christian's Tailgate West UMonday, November 20, 2023Completed205
Scotty's Pub on the BayTuesday, November 21, 2023Completed145
Jacks for CocktailsFriday, November 25, 2023Completed220
Big John's Ice HouseSaturday November 25, 2023Completed150
Jacks for CocktailsSunday November 26, 2023Completed225
Spring TavernMonday November 27Completed95
Scotty's Pub on the BayTuesday, November 28, 2023Completed145
BB WolfsThursday, November 30, 2023Completed320
Stats Sports BarSaturday, December 02, 20235pm0
Jacks for CocktailsSunday, December 03, 20232pm0
Christian's Tailgate West UMonday, December 04, 20237pm0
Jacks for CocktailsWednesday, December 06, 20237pm0
Stats Sports BarThursday, December 07, 20237pm0
Big john's IceHouseSaturday, December 09, 20235pm0
Jacks for CocktailsSunday, December 10, 20232pm0
BB WolfsTuesday, December 12, 2023730pm0
Scotty's PubThursday, December 14, 20237:30pm0
Jacks for CocktailsFriday, December 15, 20237pm0
Main Event BB Wolf'sSunday, December 17, 20232pm2140

Qualified PLAYERS

First LastVenueQualifiedMembership
BrianAndersonScotty's OTB1Free
FranArismendyBig John's1Premium
MikeAyersBB Wolfs, Scotty's Pub, Jacks, Scotty's OTB, Spring Tvrn5Platium
AmarBalaniBB Wolfs1Free
AutumnBloomJacks, BBWolfs2Platium
LindaBrownSpring Tvrn1Platium
RaymondChapaSpring Tvrn1Free
TerryDawsonScotty's OTB1?????
IvanFavelaBig John's1Platium
DennisFosterBB Wolfs, BB Wolfs2Platium
EthanGetzBig John's1Free
MarkGraceyScotty's Pub, CTWU2Free
JaysonHebertBB Wolfs, CTWU, Scotty's OTB, Jacks, BB Wolfs5Platium
ShawnHelmanScotty's Pub1Platium
AndrewHillBB Wolfs, CTWU, BB Wolfs3Platium
HenryKretzschmarScotty's Pub1Platium
ChrisLaFaversScotty's OTB1FREE
ReneLopezScotty's OTB1Free
LindaMcConnellSpring Tvrn1Free
RobinPeanCTWU, Big John's2Premium
IvonneRamierzJacks, Jacks2Platium
JesseRamierzBB Wolfs, Jacks, Jacks3Platium
NicoleRamierzJacks, Jacks, Big John's3Platium
OmarRefaeyJacks, Jacks, BB Wolfs3Free
LouisRodriquezBB Wolfs1Free
TySmithScotty's Pub1Platium
PaulineTamsettJacks, BBWolfs2Premium
LarryTheisScotty's OTB1Platium
ChrisWaldingSpring Tvrn, BB Wolfs2Free
LonnieWilesScotty's OTB1Platium
JeffWilsonJacks, Scotty's OTB2Platium