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OTHER Payment Methods

  • Zelle ph# 8325736858
  • Cash App Ph# 8325736858
  • Your Friends & Family Paypal – email

The Membership will have two (2) levels at this time. One is a Free Membership Cost to player $0 and the other is a Premium Membership cost to Player of $15 a month.

Free Members:

  • 1st of month receive free 1000 coins for players whose account is below 1000 coins.
  • Player will be able to buy into 8pm Turbo, 9:30pm Snowman and 11:30pm Tournaments.
  • Can buy into monthly Tournament last Saturday of each month for 5000 coins.
  • Can play in all Ring Games and sit n go’s.
  • Cannot purchase extra coins thru a Donation.
  • Players will receive Snowman Poker League Points.
  • Can Change to become a Premium Member for $15
  • Note: Players will not lose coins already in their account.

Premium Members:

  • 1st of Month free 20,000 coins to their account.
  • Will Receive four (4) Free Entry Tickets 1st of month for either Saturday or Sunday 1pm ( Any unused tickets will not carry over to next month)
  • Can use coins to buy into all Tournaments, Sit N Go’s and Ring Games and receive Snowman Poker LeaguePoints. (Exception is Private Tournaments)
  • Will Receive a Free Entry Ticket for Monthly Tournament, last Saturday of every Month at 1pm. Players can win prizes which could be cash or prize worth at least $100 and Snowman Poker League Points.
  • Premium players only, if needed, can purchase additional coins by making a donation $10 for 10,000 coins.
  1.  Click on Options Tab in Lobby Screen
  2.  Click on Table Settings
  3.  Uncheck Auto Muck Box  
  4.  Click OK   Button