Qualify: Place 1st or 2nd at any Snowman Event in September 2023 .


Includes Live and online Players

Snowman September Fall Invitation Main Event


BB Wolf's

SUNDAY October 1st 2023

Registration 1 pm

Tournament at 2pm

ALL Premium and Platium Membership Players that have a 1st and/or 2nd for month of September

Are Invited to September Invitation Tournament

PRIZES at September Fall Invitational

$500 Cash Prize

added to any other Prizes

at Invitation Tournament

Your Starting Stack is 5000 in Chips at Ivitational Tournament

GET EXTRA CHIPS at Invitational Tournament

Players wil have a chance for extra Chips for purchases of Food and Drink.

Platium and Premium Members get Extra Chips

Septmber Premium Players will get 1000 extra in Chips (must present September Card Marker)

September Platium Players will get 2000 extra in Chips (must present September Card Marker)


Become a VIP Member for the Day for extra Chips

Players can get extra 5000 extra in Chips by become a VIP Member for the Day for $5

VIP members can do Re-entries for 5,000 in chips for $5 or 10,000 for $10

VIP members can do add-on at break for 20,000 in Chips for $5

ALL VIP Membership Entry and Reentries will be added to Price Pool

1st and 2nd Place Invites for September