Bonus Chips can be earned at nightly venue Games


Early Chip – 1st Blind Level     Sign-in an be present to play 15 minutes before Game time Receive 500 in Chips
Support the Venue Chip – 1st, 3rd & 5th Blind Level   Players will have the opportunity to receive extra chips 3 times during the game by supporting the Venue. Start the Game with a beverage and or food Purchase from the Venue.  Make a new purchase after blinds 50 and 100. And a New Purchase after Break.  Snowman Poker League does not promote Alcohol; a purchase does not have to be alcohol.
Hand of the Day – 2nd Blind Level Know the Hand of the Day and get 500 extra in chips. First game only!
Player Appreciation Card – 2nd Blind Level Usually good for 500 in chips. Player appreciation Cards can be earned at new Venues for that venues  first Month
Bracelet Winners – 3rd Blind Level    All past bracelet winners can receive an extra 500 in chips if they are wearing their bracelet.
Snowman Gear – 4th Blind Level    Wear Snowman Apparel (Hat, Jacket or Shirt) Get an extra 500 in Chips
Pocket 8’s Winner – Anytime Win with pocket eights and get a choice of a Pocket 8 Chip or 500 game chips (or small blind equivalent) Signature Hand win is 1000 game chips (or big blind equivalent)
Bounty Card – Before the BreakCards usually given for knock out of an Owner/Manager/Host Good one time for 500 extra in chips.
Chip-N-Chair – Before the BreakGood for 1000 game chips if a player gets felted before the break with less than 40 players in the game.