Scotty's Pub January Loyalty

Scotty's Pub Loyalty Tournament will be Thursday February 1st
To Qualify must Play at Scotty's Pub or Scotty's Pub on the Bay during Month of January

Win Seat to Snowman LoneStar Poker Series at Harrahs Gulf Coast and $100 for Hotel Room

Snowman Poker League and/or Scotty's Pub reserves the right to alter, modify, or cancel Tournaments at its sole discretion and without prior Notice.
Address: 3202 Marina Bay Dr, League City, TX 77573

Games:  Every Tuesday  at 7 pm 

Address: 10943 Scarsdale Blvd, Houston, TX 77089

Games: Every Thursday  at 7 :30 pm

Qualify January 2024

To Qualify must Play at Scotty's Pub or Scotty's Pub on the Bay during Qualifying Period.
The More points a player is award
the Larger their Starting Stack will be at Scotty's Pub Final Tournament February 1st

Players will be awarded 1 point for every Game they Play.

                Additional 1 point Award for every $20 Spent on the night of Play.             

Making a Possible of at least 2 Points on  Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

Points Structure , Starting Stack and Addiional Chips at Final Tournament

Points Structure and Starting Stack for Final Tournament

                18 + Points Starting Stack 25,000 in Chips

                13 to 17 Points Starting Stack 20,000 in Chips

                9 to 16 Points Starting Stack 15,000 in Chips

                4 to 8 Points Starting Stack 10,000 in Chips

                1 to 3 Points Starting Stack 5,000 in Chips

Additional Chips award for Premium and Platium Members.

At the Final Tournament become a Snowman VIP member for the day and get an extra 10,000 chips for just $10 and at the break get a whopping 30,000 chips for just $10. VIP Money Collected will be used for additional Prizes. Note must be a VIP Member for the day to be award additional Prize Money.


1st Place is a seat to Snowman Lone Star Poker Series at Harahh's Gulf Coast and $100 Toward a Hotel Room
Other Prizes to be Determined

Invite List

Andrew Hill 3011221Platium
Annette Conwell 3072031Free
Augie Molis 3073341Free
Bill Alcorn 3044181Free
Bill Miller 1004822Free
Bradley Mueller 6712361Free
Brian Anderson 6411362Platium
Charlie Yelli 638650-22Platium
Chris Olson 3017604Free
Corey McIntyre 5835842Free
Diana Fischer 66783319Platium
Doug Justus 6329303Free
Dustin Neubauer 6711332Free
Eric Ramirez 6056281Platium
Gabriel Llanez 3071111Free
Gabriella Lemus 3058141Free
Garry Pigg 3069071Free
Ian Wells 6712331Free
Ivonne Ramirez 6708421Platium
James Temple 3027805Platium
Jared Whitehead 6709772Free
Jayson Hebert 5604296Platium
Jeff Lake 6711241Platium
Jeff Wilson 3019607Platium
Jennifer Ramsey 5984451Free
Jesse Ramirez 6710582Platium
Kim Sinclair 30778310Platium
Lonnie Wiles 3042433Platium
Louis Rodriguez 6708699Free
Manny DeJesus 6178604Free
Michael Nguyen 5727936Free
Michael Savage 3055513Free
Mike Ayers 6383092Platium
Monica Christian 6710262Platium
Nick Langdon 6712671Platium
Nicole Ramirez 671057-33Platium
Oscar Castro 6712483Free
Patrick Wethington 6147141Free
Rene Lopez 3027308Free
Richard Ainsworth 1024151Free
Richard Chapa 3048933Platium
Ron Jordan 101021-22Free
Russten Garivay 5335561Free
Ryan Burke 103432-11Free
Sharon Adawin 5562821Platium
Shawn Helmen 67083810Platium
Steve Brown 3016823Free
Stormi Ross 6712511Free
Terry Dawson 3062151Free
Terry Shoemaker 1010951Free
Tot Lee 3041751Free
Ty Smith 607410-11Platium
Warkendrion Ross 50989513Free