Snowman May 2024 Loyalty

May main Event Loyalty Tournament will be Sunday June 2nd
To Qualify must Play at Any Snowman Live Venue during May 2024

$300 Dollars Added to Main Tournament Prize Pool

Snowman Poker League reserves the right to alter, modify, or cancel Tournaments at its sole discretion and without prior Notice.

Qualify May 2024

To Qualify must Play at Any Snowman live Venue during May 2024
The More points a player is award
the Larger their Starting Stack will be at Main Event Tournament Tournament June 2nd

Points Structure , Starting Stack and Addiional Chips at Final Tournament

Players will be awarded 1 point for every Game they Play.

                Additional 1 point Award for every $20 Spent on the night of Play.    

Points Structure and Starting Stack for Final Tournament

                52 + Points Starting Stack 25,000 in Chips

                38 to 51 Points Starting Stack 20,000 in Chips

                26 to 37 Points Starting Stack 15,000 in Chips

                12 to 25 Points Starting Stack 10,000 in Chips

                1 to 11 Points Starting Stack 5,000 in Chips

Additional Chips award for Premium and Platium Members.

Become a Snowman VIP Member for the Day

Get 10000 extra in Chips for $10

Reentry 10000 for $10 or $20 for 20,000

Add-on at Break 30,000 for $10

 VIP Money Collected will be used for additional Prizes. Note must be a VIP Member for the day to be award additional Prize Money.


Prizes Determined on number of players attending Main Event Tournament
Other Prizes to be Determined

Invite List

Andrew Hill 301122Platium11
Angie Garrett 562981Platium5
Ben Strable 671335Premium1
Bonita Garcia 670739Platium13
Carolyn Carter 671154Platium2
Charles (Charlie) Osborne 670688Platium7
Charlie Hedgepeth 633139Premium6
Charlie Yelli 638650Platium35
Christina Harrington 555534Premium1
David Alderman 666139Platium10
David Coronado 508575Platium3
Diana Fischer 667833Platium9
Doug Kreimeyer 101577Platium20
Dwayne VonSchmidt 304007Premium3
Eddie Borrego 100929Platium16
Eric Ramirez 605628Platium26
Gordon Wolf 306904Platium5
Henry Kretzschmar 670841Platium18
Ivan Favela 639134Platium3
Ivonne Ramirez 670842Platium28
Jacob Ruiz 671083Platium6
James Temple 302780Platium4
Jayson Hebert 560429Platium23
Jeff Carter 671140Platium5
Jeffrey Crane 104579Platium4
Jennifer (Jen) Kopecky 670887Platium10
Jesse Ramirez 671058Platium24
Jessica Webb 306630Platium8
Joshua Cantrell 671333Premium10
Kathlene (Kathy) Hull 307664Premium20
Kelli Dittmeier 595849Premium3
Ken Nigrelli 300019Platium1
Kenneth (Ken) Centanni 649903Platium2
Kerry Harrington 401003Platium2
Kimery (Kim) Sinclair 307783Platium5
Larry Theis 103440Platium1
Linda Brown 101002Platium2
Lisa Garcia 670850Platium10
Lonnie Wiles 304243Platium2
Matt (Marc) Cray 612173Platium3
Michelle Brinks 401034Platium5
Miguel Dominguez 671332Premium2
Mike (Catfish) Stewart 302808Premium7
Mike Ayers 638309Platium8
Mike Garcia 670851Platium10
Morgan Knight 671336Platium1
Myong Henrickson 305113Premium0
Nancy Anderson 606255Platium1
Nicole Ramirez 671057Platium27
Pauline Tamsett 102723Platium30
Randy Pyatt 522853Platium4
Ray R Lopez 553917Platium12
Robert Bunch 663356Platium7
Robert Butler 648506Platium13
Robert Hoop 635680Platium4
Robin Pean 671099Platium18
Saul Chapa 101921Platium25
Shawn Helmen 670838Platium3
Shawn Kelly 609775Platium1
Steve Nixon 670886Platium3
Thomas Henrickson 300615Platium5
Tisha Coleman 671052Platium10
Ty Smith 607410Platium8
Victor Pena 671215Platium4