Coushatta Casino Poker Room


Snowman Poker League

Prize Pool Breakdown


Coushatta/Snowman Poker Tournament

Based on 100 Players

1st Place 23%

2nd Place 15%

3rd Place 13%

4th Place 11%

5th Place 9%

6th Place 7%

7th Place 6%

8th Place 6%

9th Place 5%

10th Place 5%

11th Place $250

12th Place $250

13th Place $250

14th Place $200

15th Place $200

16th Place $200

17th Place $175

18th Place $175

19th Place $175

20th Place $175

Snowman Poker League Coushatta Tournament Prizes

Pocket 8’s and win the hand
$8 (10)
First Player out
Bubble Player (21st)
Str8 Flush – must have an 8 in it        
Quad 8’s

For the str8 flush and Quad 8’s to count both cards in the Players hand must play and the hand must win at showdown. These two prizes are for the first player to hit them only. Once they are hit they are off the board.

Signup at the Poker Room for the “Last Longer Pot” $10.00 each the pot will be paid out 50% to 1st, 30% to 2nd, and 20% to 3rd.

Anyone wanting to put a Bounty on someone may do so by seeing Glenn or Ron at any time.

Coushatta Casino Resort and Snowman Poker League
reserves the right to alter or cancel this or any promotion at its sole discretion without any prior notice.