STATS SPORTS BAR January Loyalty

STATS Sports Bar Loyalty Final Tournament will be Saturday February 3rd
To Qualify must Play at Stats Sports Bar during Qualifying Period.

Win Seat to Snowman LoneStar Poker Series at Harrahs Gulf Coast and $100 for Hotel Room

Snowman Poker League and/or Stats Sports Bar reserves the right to alter, modify, or cancel Tournaments at its sole discretion and without prior Notice.
Address: 10850 Louetta Rd Ste 1700, Houston, TX 77070


Every Thursday at 7:00 pm

Every Saturday  at 5 pm 

Qualify January 2024

To Qualify must Play at Stats Sports Bar during Qualifying Period.
The More points a player is award
the Larger their Starting Stack will be at Stats Sports Bar Final Tournament February 3rd

Players will be awarded 1 point for every Game they Play.

                Additional 1 point Award for every $20 Spent on the night of Play.             

Making a Possible of at least 2 Points on  Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Points Structure , Starting Stack and Addiional Chips at Final Tournament

Points Structure and Starting Stack for Final Tournament

                18 + Points Starting Stack 25,000 in Chips

                13 to 17 Points Starting Stack 20,000 in Chips

                9 to 16 Points Starting Stack 15,000 in Chips

                4 to 8 Points Starting Stack 10,000 in Chips

                1 to 3 Points Starting Stack 5,000 in Chips

Additional Chips award for Premium and Platium Members.

At the Final Tournament become a Snowman VIP member for the day and get an extra 10,000 chips for just $10 and at the break get a whopping 30,000 chips for just $10. VIP Money Collected will be used for additional Prizes. Note must be a VIP Member for the day to be award additional Prize Money.


1st Place is a seat to Snowman Lone Star Poker Series at Harahh's Gulf Coast and $100 Toward a Hotel Room
Other Prizes to be Determined

Invite List

Amar Balani 6712071Free
Charles Meyer 5352283Premium
Charlie Hawkins Jr 6711641Free
Charlie Yelli 6386503Platium
Chase Hudson 67108814Platium
Chris Gonzales 6708042Free
Christa Gillard 6712681Free
Christian Ross 6711573Premium
David Morris 5931104Platium
Dominic Robinson 6712691Free
Eric Ramirez 6056283Platium
Erik Garza 6710212Free
Gerry Lamar 6711103Platium
Hal Evans 6708401Premium
Ivonne Ramirez 6708424Platium
Jacob Ruiz 6710839Platium
Jacob Salines 5015802Platium
JC Collins 6183141Free
JC Wingard 6079101Free
Jeff Bynum 3028268Platium
Jeff Lake 6711241Platium
Jeff Thomas 3017291Free
Jennifer Kopecky 67088714Platium
Jerrel Geisler 6051991Free
Jesse Ramirez 6710583Platium
Jessica Webb 3066305Platium
Jody Berrones 5631352Platium
John (Michael) Ward 5214254Free
John Robinson 5309491Free
Jon Adams 6712451Free
Kashmira Sutaria 3012941Free
Kelli Dittmeier 5958493Free
Kim Ki 6712762Free
Lea Day 6711234Platium
Lealand Hage 6712721Free
Linda Brown 1010022Platium
Lisa Garcia 67085021Platium
Louis Dewenter IV 6711511Free
Luis Carranza 3019115Free
Matt Larson 3052891Free
Melissa Perkins 6415213Platium
Michelle Valadez 6705954Free
Mike Ayers 6383094Platium
Mike Beverly 6712703Premium
Mike Garcia 67085121Platium
Mike Nelson 3043171Free
Mike Ridder 6709392Free
Mike Stewart 30280814Premium
Nancy Anderson 6062553Platium
Nicole Ramirez 6710574Platium
Oscar Perez Jr 6377265Free
Oscar Perez Sr 3032516Free
Patrick Wethington 6147141Free
Pauline Tamsett 1027231Platium
Peter McAdoo 5619805Free
Phyllis Thomas 6196975Platium
Ram Jutury 6019872Free
Ray Caywood 3037531Free
Ray R Lopez 55391711Free
Reuben Thomas 6711089Premium
Robert Butler 64850611Platium
Robert Valadez 6705965Free
Roshad Ray 6712781Free
Sarah Ruiz 67118915Platium
Stephanie Aurisano 3056613Free
Steve Nixon 6708861Free
Steven Nixon 6708863Free
Ty Smith 6074102Platium
Zach Stephen 671170-11Free